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11: Auxiliary plants


Acacia elata A. Cunn. ex Benth.




Acacia terminalis auct., Racosperma elatum (Benth.) Pedley.

Vernacular Names

Mountain hickory, (mountain) cedar wattle (En).


Originates from Australia (New South Wales), occasionally cultivated in Africa, India, Sri Lanka and Java.


Planted for green manure in e.g. Cinchona plantations in Sri Lanka and West Java, where it grows well and fast. Wood pulp has proved to be excellent for making paper. Bark contains 20—31% tannin, used in South Africa. Also grown as ornamental.


Unarmed tree up to 25 m tall. Branchlets terete, finely puberulous. Leaves bipinnately compound; petiole 8 cm long, with an elliptical gland halfway; rachis 11—17 cm long; pinnae 2—4 pairs, 8—14 cm long; leaflets opposite, subsessile, 8—14 pairs per pinna, ovate-oblong to ovate-lanceolate, 3—5 cm x 4—9 mm, both surfaces slightly appressed-puberulous. Inflorescence a pedunculate glomerule, 0.5 cm in diameter, arranged in axillary racemes or terminal panicles, whitish to light yellow. Pod oblongoid, 10—15 cm x 1.2 cm, 6—12-seeded. Acacia elata grows along rivers and in ravines.

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M.S.M. Sosef & L.J.G. van der Maesen

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Sosef, M.S.M. & van der Maesen, L.J.G., 1997. Acacia elata A. Cunn. ex Benth.. In: Faridah Hanum, I & van der Maesen, L.J.G. (Editors): Plant Resources of South-East Asia No 11: Auxiliary plants. PROSEA Foundation, Bogor, Indonesia. Database record:

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