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5(3): Timber trees; Lesser-known timbers


Acronychia pedunculata (L.) Miq.

This article should be read together with the article on the genus: Acronychia in the Handbook volume indicated above in this database.


Acronychia arborea Blume, Acronychia laurifolia Blume, Acronychia resinosa J.R. Forster ex Crevost & LemariƩ.

Vernacular Names

Indonesia: jejerukan (Sundanese), kayu semidra, sarirah (Javanese). Malaysia: ketiak, memali, tengkorak biawak (Peninsular). Philippines: uto (Filipino). Cambodia: kramol, panol. Laos: cavi, mak thao sang. Thailand: ka uam (northern, south-western), kra bueang thuai (central), yaa krong (peninsular). Vietnam: b[is] b[as]i, b[uw] [owr]i bung, ch[af]i dai.


From Sri Lanka and India to Nepal, Burma (Myanmar), Indo-China, southern China, Taiwan and Thailand towards Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, Java, Borneo, the Philippines, Sulawesi (Kabaena Island) and Papua New Guinea (Western District).


M.S.M. Sosef

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Sosef, M.S.M., 1998. Acronychia pedunculata (L.) Miq.. In: Sosef, M.S.M., Hong, L.T. and Prawirohatmodjo, S. (Editors): Plant Resources of South-East Asia No 5(3): Timber trees; Lesser-known timbers. PROSEA Foundation, Bogor, Indonesia. Database record:

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