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5(3): Timber trees; Lesser-known timbers


Acronychia trifoliolata Zoll. & Moritzi

This article should be read together with the article on the genus: Acronychia in the Handbook volume indicated above in this database.


Acronychia andrewsii Baker f., Acronychia halmaheirae Miq.

Vernacular Names

Indonesia: cermean (Javanese), cerme-alas (Madura).


Christmas Island, Java, Sulawesi, the Lesser Sunda Islands, the Moluccas, New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.


M.S.M. Sosef

Correct Citation of this Article

Sosef, M.S.M., 1998. Acronychia trifoliolata Zoll. & Moritzi. In: Sosef, M.S.M., Hong, L.T. and Prawirohatmodjo, S. (Editors): Plant Resources of South-East Asia No 5(3): Timber trees; Lesser-known timbers. PROSEA Foundation, Bogor, Indonesia. Database record:

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