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12(2): Medicinal and poisonous plants 2


Acalypha australis L.

This article should be read together with the article on the genus: Acalypha in the Handbook volume indicated above in this database.


Sp. pl. 2: 1004 (1753).

Vernacular Names

Vietnam: tai t[uw][owj]ng l[as] hoa, tai t[uw][owj]ng nam, thi[ees]t hi[eej]n th[as]i.


From Japan, China and Taiwan, throughout Indo-China to the Philippines. Introduced and locally naturalized in Australia; records for Indonesia are disputed.


The whole plant of Acalypha australis is used to cure dysentery, diarrhoea, scrofula, dermatitis, nosebleed, haemoptysis, as well as to stop coughs and to cure swollen feet. The leaves are used in poulticing snake bites.


An erect, annual herb, up to 30—60 cm tall; leaves rhomboid to lanceolate, 3—8 cm x 1.5—3.5 cm, margins serrate, petiole slender, 2—3 cm long; inflorescence axillary, racemose-spicate, unisexual, 1—2 cm long; female inflorescence enclosed in 4 bracts, each bract containing 4—5 flowers. Acalypha australis is locally common in open disturbed habitats, and gardens from sea-level up to 1500 m altitude.

Selected Sources

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Arbayah H. Siregar

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Siregar, A.H., 2001. Acalypha australis L.. In: van Valkenburg, J.L.C.H. and Bunyapraphatsara, N. (Editors): Plant Resources of South-East Asia No 12(2): Medicinal and poisonous plants 2. PROSEA Foundation, Bogor, Indonesia. Database record:

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